Introduction to Business and Management

The course provides a review of management as an area of theoretical development as well as a field of practice. It comprises classical management theories and modern approaches to organisation and business. Main blocks of the
course are functions of management, managerial processes and interaction between organisations and their environment. The course includes elements of organisational behaviour. Business cases are used as application of theoretical concepts.


Definition of Business and Management
30 Minutes
What Is Economics?
10 Minutes
Perfect Competition and Supply and Demand
20 Minutes
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
20 Minutes

The Management Role

Functional Areas of Management

Organisation Structure and Power

Communication in the Organisation

Managerial Decision-making

Strategy and the Organisation


Managing Groups and Teams

Managing Organisational Change and Innovation

Corporate and National Culture

Approaches to understanding business organisation

Ethics in Management

Management in the 21st Century

The main objective of the course is to present modern concepts of management to the students and help to develop skills in analysis of business organisations both in terms of their internal functioning and interaction with the environment.

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Introduction to Business and Management